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Welcome to the Community College Local Website!

The Community College Local has a number of communication tools that it uses to keep members informed, engage members in the activities of the local, and allow for the exchange of information among its members.  

This website is one such tool along with notifications sent through email from campus reps, and a calendar containing important dates and events taking place throughout the year, which is distributed to all members in late August. The Local Lens is our newsletter. It is published three times a year and provides members with a snap shot of the activities, achievements, and issues important to the Local. 

The Communications and Publics Relations Committee is responsible for managing our communication tools and continues to develop strategies to streamline communication and improve members’ access to information.  

On this website you will find information on upcoming events such as CC Local meeting dates, The Local Lens editions, and other useful documents to assist you stay abreast of what is going on.

We are currently in the process of revamping the website.  This process will take some time; however, once completed we anticipate that our members will find the site much easier to navigate.

During this process, the Community College Local Executive welcomes your feedback on the changes made to this point as well as any suggestions you may have.  

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The Community College Calendar of Events will be updated with events of interest to the members of the Local.  The calendar may be accessed by clicking on the "Events" menu or by clicking on "Calendar" in the banner.